Cr Bev Maunsell Cr Bev Maunsell

Born in Pittsworth to parents, Flora and Vince Barr, farmers and dozer contractors at Captains Mountain. Bev was the third child of six children having a set of twins older and a set younger. Her father purchased a farm at Ackland, and later properties in the Meandarra area, where she grew up.

Bev attended Concordia College in Toowoomba and on completion of Secondary Education continued employment at a Drapery & Manchester store in Meandarra until she secured a position on the Windorah Telephone Exchange.

She married Graham Maunsell in Toowoomba in 1966 and her eldest, Jeffrey, was born in Toowoomba prior to moving to Brisbane where Tanya and Toni were born. Fourth child Raelene arrived in Charleville in 1977 shortly after leaving Currawilla Station. Bev's husband passed away in January 1996.

Bev was employed at Jundah State School for 22 years as a Teacher Aide, was on various Committees, and also served as a Councillor on Bacoo Shire Council for a Term before moving to Diamantina Shire in 2000 to commence employment with life long friend Robbie Dare and wife Del.

This is Cr Bev Maunsells first term as Councillor.