Where is the Diamantina Shire?

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Diamantina Shire Council Diamantina Shire Council

Covering 95,000 square kilometres (twice the size of Denmark) Diamantina Shire lies within the region known as the Channel Country in far southwestern Queensland Australia. This area consists of a network of western Queensland rivers which vary greatly in dry seasons but hundreds of square kilometres are flooded after rain stretching out across the floodplains like fingers hence the name Channel Country, after rain this area is covered with wildflowers, yellow, pink and blue.

As harsh as the country may seem, it is rated as having some of the best cattle fattening areas in Australia with some of the Channel Country now accredited with " Organic Beef Certification". Many of the 14 stations in the Shire have descendents of the early settlers working them, one being the Kidman Company founded by Sir Sydney Kidman, known as the Cattle King.

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