Contracts over $200,000

Section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, requires Council to publish relevant details of all contracts it has entered into in the previous 12 months that have a value greater than $200,000 (excluding GST).

The relevant details are as follows:-


Value (excluding GST)


Date Entered into Contract

Kent Construction $2,216,160.00 TC2023053 Design and Construction of Three, Three Bedroom Houses                                                                                                 27/11/2023
PE & GC Harris Pty Ltd $ 481,780.00 TC2022045 Supply and Delivery of Precoated Cover Aggregate 26/04/2022
RPQ Spray Seal Pty Ltd. $ 1,593,249.80  TC2022044 ‘All Services’ Supply and Install Bituminous Products 26/04/2022
Pengelly Trucks and Trailers Sales and Services $920,030.00 TC2022049 Supply and Delivery of (2) New Western Star 6964FXC Prime Movers  24/01/2022
Wirtgen Australia Pty Ltd  $309,102.00 TC2021047 Supply and Delivery of 2 New Smooth Drum Rollers 13/12/2021
Hastings Deering Australia $583,000.00 TC2021041 Supply & Delivery of one (1) Caterpillar 150-14A Motor Grader 13/12/2021

Mick Sutton Concreting Pty Ltd

$751,700.00  TC2021036 Concrete Restoration Works 10/05/2021
J1-LED Intelligent Transport Systems Pty Ltd $266,553.00 TC2021039 Supply and install Road Condition Information Signs in Birdsville and Bedourie  14/04/2021
 Boral Resources (QLD) Pty Ltd $1,910,020.00 TC2020034 All Services’ Supply and Install Bituminous Products 18/01/2021
PE & GC Harris Road Contractor $823,900.00 TC2020033 Supply and Delivery of Precoated Cover Aggregate 18/01/2021

PE & GC Harris Road Contractor


TC2020028 Gravel Crushing and Stockpile


Hastings Deering Australia


TC2020031 Supply and Delivery of 1 x 972M Wheel Loader fitted out as per specification in Local buy response ID – VPR377028


Toowoomba Solar Centre


TC2020030 Bedourie/Birdsville Rooftop Solar Power


Hastings Deering Australia


TC2020024 Supply and Delivery of new Compact Track Loader


Hastings Deering Australia


TC2020022 Supply and Delivery of new Motor Grader


Boral Resources (Qld) Pty Ltd


TC2020020 “All Services” Supply and Install Bituminous Products


PE & GC Harris Road Contractors Pty Ltd   $445,946.00 TC2020019 SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF PRECOATED COVER AGGREGATE 20-21 20/07/2020

Machinery Action Group (T/A) Youngman Trading Company Pty Ltd


TC2020017 Supply and Delivery of one used 2017 CAT 627K Scraper


Mick Sutton Concreting


TC2020012_1 Various concreting works


Ago Vires Pty Ltd


TC2020015 Supply and installation of sporting oval irrigation works in the townships of Bedourie and Birdsville


Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd


TC2020013 Supply and Delivery of one new Hitachi ZX260LC-5 including attachments and fitted out as per specifications provided.


AUSCO Modular Pty Ltd


TC2019006 Design and Construction of a new Amenities block at the Bedourie Showgrounds as detailed in Section E – Principal's Project requirements


Central Hire & Contracting Pty Ltd


TC2019001 To conduct construction works for the Contract ‘Concrete Structure Restoration Works’


Fulton Hogan


TC2019008 ‘All Services’ supply and install bituminous products.


Pengelly Truck And Trailer Sales And Service


TC2019004 Supply and Delivery of one (1) new Prime mover (447kw/600hp minimum and 140 ton GCM rated) with or without trade-in of one (1) used Western Star 6964 Prime Mover