Cat Registration

All cats aged greater than 6 months are required to be registered.

The following registration fees apply:

  • Entire cat -  $17.50
  • Desexed cat  ‐ Free of Charge

NOTE:  Second cat must be desexed.
NOTE:  Pensioners - First Animal Free and a 50% discount applies to all other subsequent Animal Registration.

Controlling Your Cat

As a responsible cat owner you should make sure your cat is controlled so it doesn't attack wildlife or disturb neighbours.  Feral cats are declared pests under the Stock Route Management Act 2002.

Feral cats have a huge impact on Austalias native wildlife with a estimated 14 million feral cats in Australia, which feed on small marsupials, lizards, birds and amphibians. Desexing cats prevents unwanted litters and reduces the proliferation of feral cats.

Indentifying Your Cat

Ensure that your cat always wears a collar and its registration identification tag.  Fitting two bells to your cats collar is also a very good idea as this will reduce its chances of successfully hunting native wildlife.  Identification is for your pets safety and will allow your cat to be returned.  In the event of your cat being injured, it will also assist carers to return your animal quickly.  Should your cat become lost, check with neighbours or contact Council.