Right to Information

The Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) and the Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act) aims to make more information available, provide equal access to information across all sectors of the community, and provide appropriate protection for individuals' privacy.

The right to information gives you the right to access and amend information held by public sector agencies in Queensland unless there is a good reason for it not to be provided. You have a right to access your personal information held by government under the Information Privacy Act 2009. You have a right to access personal and non-personal information held by the government under the Right to Information Act 2009.

This legislation replaces the former Freedom of Information Act 1992.

Further information about Whole of Government policy and the relevant legislation is available from www.rti.qld.gov.au.

How do I access information

Documents held by the Diamantina Shire Council may be accessed through a variety of mechanisms. The most appropriate method of seeking access to information will depend on what type of information is being sought.

Information of Diamantina Shire Council is commonly accessed through the following avenues:

Publication Scheme

Our Publication Scheme describes and categorises information routinely available from the Diamantina Shire Council. It has been developed to give the community greater access to information.

There will be no charge for examining any Publication Scheme information contained on the Council's website. However, there may be a charge if a large volume of printed material is required. You will be told about any photocopying charges at the time of your request. The cover price will be charged for any publications produced by the Council for sale. Charges will be kept under review and there is no intention to charge for material that has previously been available for free.

Most of the documents on this site are available in PDF format. Should you be unable to read these documents please Contact Us.

About Us (Who we are an what we do)

Our Services (Services we offer)

Services offered by Council, including advice and guidance, booklets and leaflets, transactions and media releases.

Our Finances (What we spend and how we spend it)

Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, tendering, procurement and contracts, fees and charges.

Our Priorities (What our priorities are and how we are going)

Strategy and performance information, plans assessments, inspections, and reviews

Our Decisions

Proposals and decisions, decision making processes, internal criteria and procedures and consultations.

Our Policies

Our corporate policies describing and guiding our functions and responsibilities.

Our Lists

Lists and registers that we are required to hold by law are available on our Publications page.

eedback and complaints

If you wish to provide feedback to improve our Publication Scheme or make a complaint about the information available, please email admin@diamantina.qld.gov.au

Disclosure Log

Our disclosure log provides information in response to non-personal information requests made under the Right to Information Act 2009, where they do not contain the applicant's personal information or are otherwise unsuitable for publication according to legislation.

No disclosures have been made.

Administrative Access

If you have been unable to find what you are looking for on our website please contact Leon Love, Chief Executive Officer who will advise whether it can be released administratively.

Alternatively, it may be necessary to lodge an application under the RTI Act.

Apply for information

If you are seeking access to information not limited to your own personal information that is not available in our Publication Scheme, Disclosure Log or by Administrative Access you should apply under the Right to Information Act 2009. Please submit your application on the approved form.

Send your application to Council:

Diamantina Shire Council
17 Herbert Street
Bedourie, Queensland. 4829

Phone: 07 4746 1600
Facsimile: 07 4746 1272
Email: admin@diamantina.qld.gov.au

Information that is Exempt

The RTI Act sets out a range of information that is exempt from publication. If you make a request for information which the Council considers to be exempted, we will advise you of the reasons for the exemptions.