Our cemeteries are significant to our community, not merely as a functional place for the disposal of the dead but also serving our emotional, religious and cultural needs.

As an expression of people’s culture and identity, cemeteries comprise a fascinating resource which allow our communities to delve back into their past. The monuments and graves represent the last public memorials of many people, both famous and unknown, who were intimately involved with the growth of our local area in which they are buried.

Diamantina Shire Council is the cemetery operator, and as such is responsible for the administration and maintenance of our cemeteries. Unfortunately, our records may not be complete due to

  • missing burial registers; and
  • inaccurate records; and
  • poorly kept records in the 1800's and 1900's; and
  • illegible handwriting and missing information; and
  • age and changing environment.  

These factors make it difficult in some cases to identify where a person has been interred.

A range of information relating to our Cemeteries is now available in our cemetery register. Council encourages feedback, information and photographs from the community to help add or amend information to ensure our records are as accurate as possible. 

Council operates cemeteries in the townships of Bedourie and Birdsville. Both cemeteries are maintained with families and friends able to visit the resting place of their loved ones 24 hours a day. The cemeteries have an open environment with no gates.

A Council Officer can arrange to meet individuals and families on site, at a mutually convenient time, to assist in selecting resting places for immediate and/or future needs. Funeral arrangements need to be organised through the family’s preferred funeral director.