Diamantina Shire Welcomes Its New Council

Diamantina Shire Council Mayor, Cr. Francis Murray, Councillors,    and Interim CEO Scott Mason 2024

L to R. Cr Kerry Morton, Cr Robbie Dare, Mayor Francis Murray, Cr Damian Clarke, Deputy Mayor Damien (Watto) Watson and Interim CEO Scott Mason

Diamantina Shire Council is pleased to announce the official swearing-in of its newly elected Councillors and Mayor at the post-election meeting on Thursday, 28 March 2024. The ceremony, conducted by Interim CEO Scott Mason, marked the beginning of their commitment to serving the community.

In an exciting update for Diamantina Shire, Council is comprised of two new members, each bringing a fresh perspective aimed at enhancing our region for every resident.

Returning Councillors Kerry Morton and Robbie Dare were joined by new faces including Damian Clarke, and Damien (Watto) Watson. Together, they bring a diverse set of skills and a shared dedication to fostering community growth and well-being.


The new Mayor, Cr. Francis Murray expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm, stating, " First, I'd like to congratulate all Councillors on being elected. I would also like to thank both Sharon Purcell and Don Rowlands for their service to Council. Council went through a lot of change in the last term, both with Elected Members and staff but I'm confident we are well placed to be optimistic about the future. Personally, I'm excited for the future of the Diamantina Shire but I think that future depends on our roads. Our road network supports our pastoral industry, tourism and private enterprise, Council infrastructure as well as our Shire's liveability. Plant hire for road construction is what makes Council economically viable, especially because we have such a low-rate base. There's a lot of work to get our Shire to where it should be and it requires us to do the work, but if we get our roads right there are so many benefits that spin off that. We are the people that the community have put their trust in to get this done. My first term as an Elected Member was a steep learning curve, but what I took from that was that it's important to remember that we're here to work for our community. That's our job. I wish everyone well for this term and look forward to working with you all”.


During the initial council meeting, several key decisions were made including the appointment of Cr. Damien Watson as Deputy Mayor.

Mayor Francis Murray was appointed as the Chair of the Diamantina Shire Local Disaster Management Group with Cr Damien Watson as Deputy Chair. Council also adopted the schedule for the upcoming 2024 Ordinary Council meetings.

Diamantina Shire Council is enthusiastic about the new council's collective vision and drive, which promises significant advancements and positive changes for our community.


For further information, please contact Diamantina Shire Council via email at admin@diamantina.qld.gov.au or by calling 07 4746 1600.