Public Notice - Air Scouring of Water Mains


As part of our campaign in maintaining water quality within Bedourie and Birdsville, Council has engaged the services of a specialist contractor Clearflow Australia, for the purpose of cleaning the water mains and delivering water quality in your area.

In August Council distributed a Public Notice providing the dates for the air scouring but the contractors have arrived early and the dates have changed as follows:

Birdsville – 6th, 7th, and 8th of October 2020 (River and Bore water mains)

Bedourie – 9th & 10th of October 2020

The water supply to your property will be disrupted between the hours of 0800 – 1600hrs (8am – 4pm).

Interruptions may not be for the full period of the time specified and when water is restored to your property it should not be interrupted again.

We suggest some water is stored for drinking and maybe a bucket of water for use in the bathroom. The internal taps should not be turned on whilst the supply to your premises is disrupted. It is our intention with this programme to limit the time without water to 2-3 hours.

At the completion of the cleaning programme when the water supply resumes, you may notice that the water is milky looking.  This is not harmful. It is only air bubbles trapped in the water and it will come clear after a short period of time if you leave the tap running.

Council apologises for any inconvenience that maybe caused and seeks your cooperation during this period.  Should you require any information regarding the above please contact Kurt Ball Strategic Services Coordinator on 0484 605 493