Special Holiday – 3 November 2020


This year, for the first time, Council applied for a special holiday under the Holidays Act 1983. This request has been approved, so 3 November 2020, Melbourne Cup Day, is now a special holiday in the Shire. It is important to note that this is a special holiday pursuant to Section 4 of the Holidays Act 1983 and as such is a bank holiday not a public holiday.

This means that it does not apply to private businesses or impact on trading hours.

However, pursuant to a directive issued under the Public Service Act 2008, this is a holiday for public service employees unless otherwise determined by a chief executive. The Queensland Police Service, Queensland Health and the Education Department will determine how they will treat this special holiday and notify the community accordingly.

The Council administration office and visitor information centres will be closed and the refuse collection will be rescheduled for Wednesday 4th November.

For more information please contact Amanda Schnitzerling, Governance and Environment Manager on 4746 1602.