RAPAD – RAI Economic Project


RAPAD – RAI Economic Project

Stage 1: detailed economic overview, Part B: people movements and jobs growth. 


Survey of major employers on recruitment intentions, trends and issues.

Dear employer,

RAPAD is currently undertaking a wide-ranging project that will promote the region as a place in which to live, work and invest. We have engaged the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) to gather and analyse economic material that will form the basis of this promotion.

Part of RAI’s work includes a detailed overview the region’s jobs market – particularly to showcase its significant job opportunities.

Additionally, RAPAD is also keenly aware of the significant labour shortages that employers in the region are currently facing and we are seeking to also understand this better.

RAI has developed this survey as one element of its outline of the region’s jobs market and also to allow RAPAD to understand the areas of critical need.    

The survey will take 5 minutes. Your participation is voluntary but will be very valuable. Your survey answers will be sent to a link at SurveyMonkey.com where data will be stored in a password protected electronic format.

Your survey responses will remain anonymous and will be collated so that no individual business will be identifiable. Your answers will not be seen by anyone outside the RAI or made public in a way which would make your business identifiable. Any data from your responses that is published or presented will be de-identified.


Please access the survey at the following link:



If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please contact Diwa Hopkins at RAI on 0431 509 539.

Thank you for supporting the RAPAD region.

Kind regards



  1. Please describe your primary business operations:


  1. Please identify the main industry in which your business operates:


Public administration and safety

Health care and social assistance

Education and training


Retail trade

Accommodation and food services

Transport, postal and warehousing

Other services

Administrative and support services

Professional, scientific and technical services

Wholesale trade


Arts and recreation services


Electricity, gas, water and waste services

Financial and insurance services

Information, media and telecommunications

Rental hiring and real estate services


  1. How many staff members do you currently employ (either on an employment or contract basis)?


  1. How many staff members are you seeking to employ (either on an employment or contract basis) over the next 3-6 months, in addition to your current employees?


  1. What roles will these staff members fill? Please select all positions you are seeking to fill:
    • Manager
    • Professional
    • Technician and/or trade worker
    • Community and personal service worker
    • Clerical and administrative worker
    • Sales worker
    • Machinery operator or driver
    • Labourer
    • Other – please list


  1. On a scale of 1 to 5, how critical is your need for these positions to be filled?
    • 1 being not critical – your current operations won’t be significantly affected if the position(s) are not filled
    • 5 being highly critical – your current operations will be significantly affected if the position(s) are not filled


  1. How do you generally go about recruitment?
    • Online job advertisement platform (eg. Seek, Indeed, Jora, RESQ)
    • Social Media (eg. LinkedIn, Facebook)
    • Newspaper
    • Word of mouth
    • Other – please describe:


  1. Please describe any recurring issues you face in recruitment and how you have tended to manage these challenges.