Public Notice - Public Access to Council Depots


Public Access to Council Depots
As part of Council's continuous improvements in Work Health and Safety and Public Safety, council has identified that community members accessing the Bedourie Depot and Yard are
potentially at risk from the operations conducted within the depot including the regular movement of plant and equipment. In an effort to ensure the safety of workers and community members,
council have developed additional risk mitigation strategies that must be complied with by the public at all times, which are as follows:

1. Picking up freight- Community members are able to pick up freight from the Bedourie Depot by prior arrangement with the Storeperson under the following conditions:
       a. The minimum PPE requirements are for high visibility clothing or vest is to be worn and closed in footwear must also be worn at all times ("thongs" are strictly prohibited):
       b. Comply with the 10km/h speed limit, enter and exit in a safe manner and maintain vigilance especially for pedestrians and plant movement. 

           Access is via Gate 1 off Timor Street. Exit is via Gate 2 only.

       c. Parking is strictly limited to the stores area where the goods are being collected from.
       d. Whilst on site the community member must not enter any other council work areas including, but not limited to the workshop unless being escorted by council staff.

2. When Visiting Council Staff - when visiting any council staff member, the visitor must not drive into the depot or yard areas. The visitor is to enter through the front door of the
Administration Building only, sign in on the visitor register and will be attended to by council staff who will arrange for access to any specific staff member and / or Council areas. Under no
circumstances are visitors to enter other areas of council premises such as, but not limited to the workshop or yard areas unless being escorted by council staff.

3. Other Council depots - Community members are reminded that they are strictly prohibited from accessing other council depots and storage yards in Bedourie and Birdsville unless
escorted by an authorised council employee.